Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Babysitter's Club: Senile Edition

My Mother-in-law is joining Kristy, Claudia, Mary-Anne and Stacey and now has her babysitting certificate. pass the course she apparently had to diaper a baby doll. Wow. The club will be lucky to have her.

One has to wonder what would possess a 65 year-old woman to do such a thing. Further-what would possess her to giggle about it like a middle-schooler. No doubt she is excited about her new grandson. Actually, based on our previous relationship I usually joke that she'll be filing for custody any day now (I'm only half joking-the other half actually thinks it's possible). After-all, I am refusing to provide her grandson with a mobile in his crib-GASP! Perhaps I should have preempted this post by posting about what I consider to be her fragile mental health and her addiction to many prescription pills. Of course, her family acts as if nothing is amiss...but I saw her days-of-the-week pill organiser. Instead of having a pill segregated per day, she just had it filled to the brim with multiple pills all jumbled in together. It looked like packages of those colorful candy rockets had emptied into the Halloween pillow-case. Yeah, I know that funky sitter Claudia loves candy, but my MIL will not be allowed to bring her candy to Club Meetings. In fact, are we sure her certificate doesn't just say "Certifiable"?

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