Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Me-1, Husband-1

We are tied. This morning I slept in and made hubby fairly late to work by the time we loaded in baby, etc. It was a beautiful day and super sunny for a change. As soon as we sat in the car and exited the garage hubby said "Oh man! I forgot my sunglasses!" (Thing in my head I never said: "Well if you used the doorknob organizer I bought you then you wouldn't have forgotten them! Nah-nah! SO there!"). I said "Yeah, shizz, me too." But then hubby reminded me so kindly that my sunglasses were actually in the stroller that was in the trunk. I wrinkled my nose as if to say "oh yeah..that's nice, but I'm so lazy I won't get them, so I'll just suffer driving with squinty eyes instead."

When we got to his work and we were doing the changeover (me scooting over to the driver's seat), I looked for hubby to kiss goodbye and heard the trunk open. There he was holding my sunglasses. Awwwww, shucks. I mean DAMN! He scores a point for that. Why is it always the little things? Jerk.

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