Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thank you so much-you just saved my life! Here I was wandering aimlessly downtown/around the grocery store/at the mall/up and down the street with my ipod blaring to drown out the sound of my baby's ferocious wailing cries...hoping to all hope that someone with your wisdom and insight and obvious experience would happen to wander close. Little, lowly, uneducated and bewildered me has been struggling for the last half an hour, feeling on the verge of a breakdown, wondering if it would be all that bad to "accidentally" let baby's stroller roll into traffic, because I didn't have the answer to stop the crying.

But there you are angel on earth with your other-wordly answer to my prayers: "Awwwww, mom-he's hungry!". Or in the grocery store case: "Awww-must be suppertime?" (Said with a Reese Witherspoon-in-Election-patronizing smile and not really a question at all). Or in the case of the mall: "He needs to be fed, mommy!".

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you! I didn't know I had to feed my baby. Actually the last time I fed him was days ago, but I thought that would suffice. I had no idea that would help the crying! (hahaha-silly me!). Really, (sigh) breastfeeding hasn't been the most all-consuming job I've ever had, and really, I haven't been feeding every hour on the hour for two weeks straight, and really, my nipples aren't raw and burning from the suctioning monster/gremlin I think my baby is sometimes, especially when he pulls away still attached and my nipple looks like hot-pink taffy. Oh can I ever repay you?-since I didn't think of that-NO, it wasn't like, oh say, just HALF AN HOUR AGO that I last fed him, but he's still bawling, and that's why I am here frantically walking this block.

Thank you stranger savior. Do you have kids? Yeah...didn't think so.

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