Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I was terribly sick and so was my son and posting fell to the wayside. Now that we are feeling a tad better-just hoarking up snot instead of blowing with no results, I'm making up for lost time.

The Good: My sexy, glamorous friend came to visit and it was a tremendous success. Glamorous Friend did not come to my house and sit around all day watching TLC, eating Glossettes and changing poopy diapers (which is really a new mom's idea of fun), but I had a great time even though it was a little harried. First of all, like a true friend, she stayed at a hotel. There was no pressure to get out to see her; we made plans on a day to day basis. And when we were coming down with our cold and I bailed on dinner her last night here, there was no guilt. Glamorous friend and I also hooked up with other friends in the city and all three of them watched my crying baby while I tried on sexy jeans at a sexy, expensive jeans store downtown. I actually got to try the jeans on, and come out of the change-room and get an opinion. I bought a great pair in a size that didn't make me cry. I wore those jeans every day of her visit from there on in and felt a little better than the spit up on my shoulder. All in all, it wasn't just good, it was great, to get out, have a glass of wine and laugh like I used to at smart things...not just baby poop. Though we laughed at that too.

The Ugly-Me. I whined about not having any cool mommy friends and I actually dissed a potential friend this week. Well, truth be told, she was more like a leech. After mommies group on Monday most mommies head to the nearby mall and so do I. I've walked with some others but we usually just go our separate ways once there. That suits me because guaranteed baby will scream soon enough and at the best of times I don't love shopping with others. But this mom kept about an inch from my feet. I kept giving her an out, like: Oh I have some gifts to buy at such and such, so if you have to...."No I come!" she would growl. I should mention here that her name is the feminine of Boris and she's from Bulgaria. So her accent while charming, makes her demeanor seem a little un-cheerful. She followed me around, waited for me while I breastfed baby, while I paid for things, etc. But never just suggested a coffee or something. IN fact she seemed glum the entire time. I tried so hard to put myself in her mom; she's probably just yearning for company. But I totally did a date and diss. I took her number but I don't intend to call. That is so ugly of me.

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