Monday, March 17, 2008

How do you solve a problem like my mother in law?

Whose name resembles the nun in that movie? Except my Mother-in-law, no matter what she would like you to think, is not as saintly as Maria. She doesn't always have the children's best interest at heart. Sometimes she has her own interests at heart. Actually she is much more like the Baroness; Saying something so seemingly kind and helpful, with razors hidden underneath. When the Baroness told Maria the Captain had feelings for was to make Maria feel small and scared. She intended to make Maria leave. But if anyone had overheard the conversation they would have thought the Baroness a perfect friend. That's my Mother-in-law. She is here for a week. I am poor, poor Maria. Low class, curtain-wearing, outspoken Maria. And the Baroness feels threatened by my stellar singing. I will climb ev'ry mountain to avoid her.

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