Friday, March 21, 2008

HPV - the store

There is a phenomenon that seems to affect you as you age, where you start to confuse, mispronounce and forget words and names. It has really hit my mother-in-law hard. Sometimes it is so bad, we can't follow what she is saying. Case in point, if she were telling you a story about "HPV", or "PNV" or "HRW" or whatever, because she tried to buy a "Nemo" but they didn't have any, and the last time that happened to her she was looking for a white "Oreander"'d be confused too. Also, she is convinced that the gay, flamboyant man with the last name Elton wrote the music for that Nemo movie. Oh and when they were at that gay concert in London, Elton sat beside them in the back row. Uh-huh. That I can follow, but don't believe. I asked her what made a concert specifically gay, but the answer was a little incoherent. Perhaps there were a lot of gay people attending? I'd hate to hear how she distinguished that they were gay.

I would also like to point out: "Orientals" are anyone Asian: Japanese, Korean, doesn't matter. And her favorite joke is "If you've seen one, you've seen them all!". Someone at some point said that to her at some place where there were lots of "Asian" people and it was very funny. So she repeats it a lot. Except the place and person who said it change quite frequently. Ha. Ha. No really, ha. Actually she repeated it very loudly when we were buying our crib with her. We were waiting for the saleslady to come back with our pick up slip. A saleslady answered the phone at the counter and MIL exclaimed "I think it is so rude when your salesperson answers the phone when they should be looking after you in the store!" When I quietly pointed out that she wasn't our saleslady, MIL laughed and said "Seen one, you seen em all! Have I told you that story?!?!?!" A huge grin on her face. Ummm, yes you have. That's the only moment when I think that t-shirt that says "I'm with stupid" would be à propos. Oh and don't get me started with the way she uses French words incorrectly in everyday speech. Everything these days is sooooo Nouveau! She just can't get used to it.

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