Thursday, March 27, 2008

On the podium

Well the competition is winding down. Basically, hubby is reading this blog and gets a kick out of winning, and I can't really have him knowing all the little things that make me so happy can I? Then he would really only do the small things knowing that's all he needs. He is so lazy. (Yeah, you!) In any case I knew I had to give up the competition when my cell phone started beeping from low battery last week. What? What is that noise I asked myself-well lo and behold! My cell phone is dead! I had to go home and charge it myself! Later in the evening hubby comes home and as I am cooking dinner he gets all cutesy and cuddly up in my space. " I see you are charging your phone?" Ummm yeah loser. "Well I couldn't find your charger" he says. "So" I say "Not my problem". And he goes on to ask me with puppy dog eyes if he still gets a point because he tried to charge it but couldn't find the charger, since I hid it from him. What?!?! I hid it? Ok I admit I cleaned up and it wasn't in the "right" place. So maybe I should lose a point he wonders aloud. WHAT AGAIN?!?! Who's competition is this? Forget it, no gold medal for you no national anthem and no bouquet of flowers. But it's been a while since I got any flowers. Remember those blue orchids you used to bring me? Yeah, I don't either. You could try and surprise me with a grand gesture now and then too.

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