Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pacifiers #2

Same day, different store. Baby boy is tired. Old lady salesclerk: "He is hungry!". Nope. Try again, Beatch. "Or maybe he doesn't like his stroller!". I flashed her my best Eff-u smile (after all baby boy has had a great day with minimal fussing and has actually remained sitting in his stroller playing with some of those link-y ring things fro 20 minutes! GOLD!) and tell her kindly "it's ok, he is just tired."

Lady: "You think so, hey?"
Me (smile fading a little): "yessss, I do think so." (I do know his schedule and his cues now and I can tell when he is tired vs. hungry. took me long enough with enough stress that I would like a little credit here for being his mom, for once, PLEASE?!??!)
Lady: "Well sometimes they don't like their strollers. My grand-daughter doesn't like hers (she looks dreamily at baby boy) Isn't it amazing? All babies are the same!"

Huh? That's weird, because I'm pretty sure that grown-ups are not all the same and so one would think that babies (small grown-ups essentially) are not all the same. Didn't I just say you were wrong and that my baby is not like your grand-daughter with her stroller issue? Huh? People.

Next up: as promised, more on my MIL's severe psychosis, which actually relates somewhat to random strangers and their stupid advice.

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