Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today I left baby with daddy and went to the spa with my best girlfriend. It was so great. But I do admit. I missed baby and thought about him pretty much the whole time my body was being gloriously rubbed down. I guess it's only natural.

A woman at the Spahhhhhhhh yesterday when I was booking my appointment thought baby was so cute. She came to have a closer look. Of course, he was fussy. "The light is in his eyes!" She screams. "The light is in his eyes!" She then proceeded to manhandle me in an awkward shuffle toward a darker corner of the Spahhhhhhhhhh, even though I protested and let out a few startled "He's fine!" and "really it's okkk!". Then she sensed, once we were in the dark corner, he was still crying, and I wasn't thankful to her for all of her glorious help, that she should skiddadle.

I don't touch strangers. Strangers need their own space and I respect that. So why is it that strangers do not respect my space and my baby's? Why do babies entice so much touching!? I think babies should be regarded like the Queen. Do not touch unless they touch first. The other day at a parent friendly cafe this little girl came over and plunked herself down in my lap. True story. Her parents came over to watch her and were totally bizarre, but that's besides the point. The point is, they looked cool with it and she was lovin on me, so I took that as an invitation to pat her back and engage her in conversation. Otherwise I would never. The way I stiffen when strangers approach me should send a clear signal but it doesn't seem to. I'm considering ordering a to-the-point onesie from Wordsies Wear. I heard about them on another parent blog called Thingamababy, but it was a while back and at the time I thought "ha-ha, funny, but why would you need that?!" Yeah, silly me. I think my favorite is the very simple: "Look but don't touch". Wait...can I have that printed on my shirt too? Matching "mommy and me" rude shirts! Love it.

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