Friday, March 28, 2008

Unsanitary behavior

I just bathed my son in his own urine...urine is sterile though, right?

I also gave him his pacifier the other day (no he is not miraculously taking one-but he has started to chew on it like a teether if I hold it for him) AFTER I had dropped it on the mall floor. Yum!

Last night when he shit a big one at 7:30 pm, I decided twas better for me if he slept on it. Poop always has more clarity after a good night's rest, dontcha think?

I know there are spit up stains all over his stroller blanket, but I continue to wrap him in it.

Our floors are so dusty you can see our footprints in it, but that's where he goes for tummy time.

I didn't use a blanket or change pad the other day on the Starbucks change table. Any number of bums could have shat all over that thing (and by bums I mean homeless, and er, well, bums). Actually good thing I didn't since he promptly peed all over it, himself and their wall. it might be cleaner than when I found it, since pee is sterile, right?

I'm a dirrrrrty girl.

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