Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting old.

I am home right now staying with my parents with the baby. I would like someone to tell me when I became so un-fun and so damn OLD. Besides irratating me to no end, my parents are just plain more fun than I am. Then again, maybe their idea of fun is just that much different than mine. Living with them now I can't figure out where the heck I came from. Last night my parents got drunk, had a few friends over to see the baby...I have never been so grumpy. I've settled right back into being the sourly teenager rolling my eyes at everything my mother says. Actually, that is a little bit fun to me. Not fun to my mom...see-we just have different points of view.

Overall the trip is going ok, except that I realize now how BORED I am with my home town. I could never ever live here again. by the end of this week I shoud be 15 pounds heavier, carrying baby on my left hip while stirring a pot of chili and yelling at everyone who comes in with their shoes on: "I just cleaned that damned floor-git out!" As I find the teeny windows of privacy I can here I will blog more!

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