Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Macaulay Culkin wants to kill me

Ok...so I'm back from the cross country trip with infant in tow. All in all it was a success. My baby was ....different. As in good. As in that movie "The Good Son" (Which totally freaks me out btw) where Macaulay Culkin is a top notch lil' gentleman to adults, but then to the other kid he is Satan. Well I'm apparently that other kid. He never cried, he didn't fuss. He smiled and giggled and played. He exuded charm and grace. It was boring. Hahahahahaha!

Actually it was boring, but mostly because I've so left my hometown behind in every sense and do not enjoy it there. But, there are so many family things to blog about that weren't boring...more crazy, tense and frightening. I think the best thing to do is blog about them over the next few days as they filter back through my mind. (cue music) Meeeeemories, like the corners of my miiiiind. I may not have a lot of time though...seeings how my son has decided to start teething right on cue with our return. Yup...the little charmer is the little screamer once again.

Not sure if it's because I've had a taste of the good life (happy baby) that I am less able to deal with this (wailing baby)...but today I lost my cool. Picture me arriving at the bus stop turnabout, under the shelter, with baby screaming at the top of his lungs and the wind blowing so hard that it keeps smacking him in the face, making him catch his breath, and then scream harder once caught. Same wind is also blowing my hair all around, whipping me in the eyes, bringing tears, but my hands are full with screaming baby and a blanket trying to shield him. Of course I am figuring out at this point that there is no way to get on a bus in this state, so my choice is to find somewhere else to calm him then retry, or just turn around and head back home. While begging screaming baby to calm down (ok, in my head I was saying: shut up) lil' old Chinese lady came over, grabbed the edge of the blanky away from baby's face, and started cooing at him. I almost sent her flying in front of an approaching bus with my hip check. Actually, it was more of a shoulder shrug, hip bump "get the hell away from me" with glare attached. Anyway, it was effective. Hope her hip replacement is covered by insurance. I was really getting aggravated, but thankfully could see it happening. So I plunked baby in the stroller, wrapped him up and just started to walk. I picked a bumpy path and gave 'er. Two amazing things happened: 1) Baby eventually (15 minutes or so) stopped crying and, 2) I saw a dad strolling along with a goofy grin and when he came close enough I could hear (over the top of mine) that his baby was screaming too. Yay! Someone else is miserable like me!

Yes, teething. So this is why I may be distracted and not able to post. Sadly, I think I will have lots of current shiz to post about if he remains in this state for long, but the old stuff from my trip is too good to forget. Will do my best. Must do my best. My best is not so good with a fussy baby: I rode the train without a ticket today (gasp), and sweat it out the whole time, due to crying baby and the problem with accessibility in this city, or should I say "Inaccessibility"? That's another post there too. It seems I regularly steal things with my baby in tow. Vendors and taxpayers take note: it's not the bums ripping you off...it's the cute mom with her Starbucks Latte spilling down the front of her pants. Take pity on her, mister, she knows not what she does.

P.S. Yeah the picture is bad...but I have no time to care.

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