Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Organised shit!"

When I was a little girl I wanted to join the Brownies...well, because that's what all my little girl friends were in. My mother said "OH NO! Not Brownies! I hate organised shit!" This became a repeating thread throughout my childhood. "Oh no! Not birthday parties! I hate organised shit!". I didn't have birthday parties until I was 16 and my friends threw one for me. Basically the term "organised shit" refers to anything where writing an invitation, calling people, getting together with others at a specified time, wearing a uniform (that would then require being clean at a specified time) and being in the presence of anyone who liked to "organise shit" was required. Brownies for instance involves almost all of the above-women who would organise an activity and be right on top of things would just turn my mom's stomach.

Now that I am under this roof again I can clearly see why my mom doesn't like "organised shit". Simply, she is not, can not be and will never be organised. And she hates to be shown up. This morning my family all left to go to work, but it was "planned" (I won't say organised) for one car to be left for me, so that I could get up with baby boy, get ready at a leisurely pace, and then occupy myself with something until we all met for a nice lunch.

I just got my baby boy into his snowsuit (which he has never put on at home and so you can guess how much he likes it), everything ORGANISED and beside the door to grab on my way out and went to grab the car keys...........Ummm car keys? Did anyone leave me a set of car keys? Oh. Right. Of course not. So here am I stuck in butt-f$3k no where, with a screaming baby that I have to now remove from car seat and snowsuit, nurse AGAIN to calm down, and try to get to take a nap otherwise my life will be hell, and I haven't even gotten a coffee yet. That was my "plan" for when I left the house. So I guess the plan is out the window. A plan is just too organised. Shit.

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