Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Skill vs. Luck

Skill: maneuvering baby stroller far enough away from bus stop as bus approaches so as to not wake baby when bus driver kindly hits the hydraulic system and lowers bus for you. Hydraulic system is LOUD. Think industrial "woooosh" air compressor exploding combined with air horn in the hands of a frisky, drunk frat boy during Spring Break. Now...if you go too far away the bus driver might think you are signaling that you don't want his bus and are waiting for another route. Ditto if you do any waving. You could be waving him away just as much as you could be flagging him down. You can't trust the sign language skills of overworked, underpaid bus drivers who deal with bums all day, and likely don't give a rat's ass if they make the wrong call. It's very likely they would choose to NOT stop more than they would risk stopping for nothing. So after much practice I think I have honed my skill.

Luck: Forgetting about your skills when you have been away from riding the bus for awhile, and getting a crusty, overworked, underpaid bus driver who does stop...but couldn't give a rat's ass that you need the bus lowered and so he doesn't. He probably wondered why I was smiling so goofily at him since he was trying so hard to be grumpy and make my day rotten by forcing me to (gasp!) tilt and lift my stroller up into the bus. But really, I'd forgotten and I had this sweaty panic come over me as the bus came all too fast for me to move away to a safe distance. I shut my eyes tight expecting the horrendous whoosh and the screaming baby that would follow, but relief was mine when only the door popped open. Yay! I'm so lucky today! Baby boy slept for another 1/2 hour after that! I should buy a lotto ticket and ride this lucky wave! Thank you asshole bus driver!

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