Sunday, April 27, 2008

Squishy bits and...

Saggy tits. Basically that's what you are left with after you have a baby.

I just spent two days shopping for a dress for an upcoming wedding. Lately I've really been feeling "so over" the whole 'care what people think' thing. I mean, I want to look nice but I also have other more important things on my mind, you know? Except my friend now asked me to sing at her wedding. So, whereas before I was just another guest and not the main at least for a few minutes people might look at me. And I just wanted to look sexy, not soft. Problem is, I also needed to nurse in this dress since it is daytime and baby boy is still nursing exclusively (and no he won't take a bottle-I can post about that another time). Search "Nursing dress" online and apparently nursing women all morph into Laura Ashley lovers who want flower prints, fake rosettes, dropped waists, shoulder pads and dresses that are very OBVIOUSLY nursing dresses; flaps and weird buttons and "concealed" zippers for "access". Yuck.
Yeah, I might just wear a skirt and a blouse since I refuse to go into the bathroom and pull a dress over my head to nurse.. Further more, I'd like to avoid having to feed my son next to a flushing toilet just because I need privacy (Thank you mall "nursing rooms" situated right next to those automatic flushing toilets!) But for the first time in 5 months I wanted to put the effort in to look sexy. You know, shave the legs, do the hair, wear a thong...and goddammit wear a dress. Is that too much to ask? Well, a dress that covers the squishy bits and highlights the saggy (bigger though, I add) tits. I guess that is a tall order.

P.S. Above is pictured the "Sunday Best Nursing Dress by "Nursing Mamas" found on Amazon. Woooo-eeee, that's HAWT! Its the clear winner. Other notable mentions include the "Fun in the Sun Nursing Dress" and the "Nursing Sun Dress in Black and Pink". And thorough search results
on good maternity clothing sites proved no more, well, wearable. Surely there are women out there who are nursing and aren't living in polygamy on some compound? 'Cause that's what these dresses all scream to me.

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