Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kids are expensive!

Day 2 of heat wave. The beach was calling our name. It was a girlfriend's birthday BBQ-meet on the beach sometime after 11 am-they would have a spot staked out.

As can be expected with an infant and a workaholic husband, the day did not go as planned. Hubby decided he had to go to work...on the nicest day of the year so far! Major bummer all around. But added bummer because the girlfriend who's birthday it was is a newer friend of mine from work who just had a baby of her own. I've met her husband and was hoping my hubby could now join in, and maybe, you know, we'd make friends. Even though we hate people and don't really like friends at all-but that's another post. So there I am getting baby boy ready to take to the beach on my own.

Baby boy chose a long nap at 11:30, so by the time we get there it's 1:30. Would my friends even be there anymore? She doesn't have a cell phone. Yay. The gates to the park are closed and manned by an official looking dude. Cars are coming out, but none are allowed in-the park is "full" they are saying. Huh?!?! Makes no sense...but nevertheless I join the endless stream of cars doing U-turns away from the gate, and frantically trying to score illegal shoulder parking on the way out. No dice. I circle a couple of more times trying to decide what the heck to do-turn around and go home? Find a spot? Baby boy chooses this moment to wake up...and scream. Poor baby-it's sweltering hot out and he is stuffed into that sweaty car seat. He looks frothy. He wants out.

I decided that, goddamit, I have a family now and I must do family things. Going to the beach on a hot sunny day is a family thing I should not deprive my son of!!! (Insert comment about my craziness here____). I decided to park come hell or high water. High water came first. Just outside the gates is a camp site which is charging 15 bucks to park. FIFTEEN! I could park for free if the ignoramus dude working the gate would just realize that 1 car coming out makes room for oh, say, 1 car going in? Damn.

See, kids are expensive. But not for the reasons most think. You don't need the latest Rolls Royce of strollers (which I totally have and love...need not, but love, yes), you don't need cribs and change tables, and expensive clothes (again, I buy baby boy more clothes than he can wear before he grows out of them, but I digress), and you don't need the national brand diapers or organic baby creams and soaps. But even the smallest infant will cost you mucho. Because you will be willing to pay for things you never would before, if it means one moment of peace, sanity, and quiet.

A parking spot for the beach-$15
A place to air out a sweaty, screaming baby and breastfeed in relative privacy?-WHATEVER YOU ARE CHARGING, FOR GODSSAKKKKES LADY JUST LET ME PARK!

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