Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Off da hook!

I ordered myself a custom "mommy" necklace from an artisan on Oh, how I love this website! Again, of all the things I am learning as a new mom, the mushiness that follows is what is surprising me most. A mommy necklace? So not me avant bébé! But then, I found this artist: Birth Designs. The jewelry is really simple and can have a hardness to looks like something you'd buy to complement a new "going-out top" not something all flowery and heirloom-y. I will feel cool and inconspicuously "mushy" wearing it. My necklace is based on this design, but with copper, brass and silver elements. Will post the final picture once it is complete. I can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day to me! And yes, this gets my husband off the hook. But really, I picked out my engagement ring and bought my own wedding band, so this seems à propos.

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