Sunday, May 18, 2008

Part 2: Heat wave Day 2

After I payed the nice lady the 15 bucks, nursed and readied baby boy...I made a decision. A stupid one. I decided that the nice walk into the beach would be so much easier with baby boy in the pouch sling. Then I wouldn't have to lug the stroller over the rocky gravel I knew was there on the pathways. So I put him on my hip, threw some diapers and wipes into my bag and grabbed my lawn chair.

OH MY GOD. It had been a year since I went on a school trip to this beach with my students. Guess I'd forgotten-the road from the gate is LONG. The walk was probably a good half hour. A half hour lugging a 15 pound baby, a beach bag and a lawn chair. In the hot, hot afternoon sun with no breeze. Oh yeah, and I'd forgotten my own "note to self" and put him in there after a meal. So the walk was punctuated with the occasional grunt, gag and barf...all over my shirt. The whole walk I am doing the "ok, if I turn around now the beach could have been just right there" talk myself into it bit. Then I decided no turning back...but I was concocting ways I could get back out to the car without walking with baby. I was envisioning someone having to stay with baby at the beach while I hitched a ride to my car and bribed the ignoramus gate guard to let me go in to retrieve my baby. I am in good enough shape, but this was so tiring, and I felt stupid. I knew I would get back to the car eventually, but figured if I had to walk that I seriously might have to wait a few hours. Luckily...I was thinking I might be stranded, but at least baby has all he needs in me. YAY for breastfeeding.

I arrived sweaty and smelly in many ways (baby barf, my own smell)but found my friends to be still there. The visit was short and probably not worth it AT ALL. But I guess I did spend about 2 hours in the sun, and baby boy loved rolling around on the towel-incidentally I think he ate his first "ruffage". Yeah, I know I'm supposed to start him on rice cereal, but grass can't be all that bad? In the end my girlfriend and her hubby and baby drove us out to the gate "Britney stylez".

Ummmm throw stones at someone else: her husband is a cop and it was his suggestion.

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