Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So I have been absent from blogging, but with all due respect you would not enjoy typing while barfing either :)

Yes, my husband and I got the stomach flu. I rushed off to the chiropractor's last Thursday afternoon after having ate some leftover curry. My stomach was feeling a little off at the appointment but I put it off to having run after eating. Then the appointment started to get realllllllly long in the tooth with the chiro insisting on x-rays, etc. It's no matter as I appreciate him being thorough, only at this family-friendly office baby boy was starting to get restless playing on the floor on his blankie. Not to mention the fact that the tiny exam room was stinking up with this diaper stench. Yes...baby boy did the loudest shit while I was having my appointment. Luckily the chiro laughed it off. But It was hard to laugh when it wafted up and permeated the room...you can't laugh and hold your breath at the same time. Eventually I had to change him and I've enough experience that I asked the chiro to leave the room. It. was. gross. Green and gross. Like nothing I've ever seen before. Foreshadowing? It turned my stomach and then I felt a little more sick, but chalked it up to the diaper. By the time I was getting ready to leave an hour later, baby boy was screaming and I was getting dressed in the room with him when I had a violent urge from below...but nothing came up. COULD YOU IMAGINE? I paid so quickly using baby boy as the unspoken excuse, got out onto the sidewalk and started wheeling baby boy away. I only made it as far as the street corner before curry met pavement. Over and over again. I'd like to think I was discreet about this, but it was a busy intersection at 5 pm. Right beside a bus stop. Oh, I can't even go back there in my mind.

By the time I'd gotten myself home I threw up in the Kitchen sink over baby boy's shoulders and called my husband to "get home now!" and I was crying. Not sure why...just this overwhelming feeling of being lost...so sick, plus throwing up is a little traumatic added to the feeling of not being able to care for my baby and being scared. It was not good. Hubby came home and took goooood care of me. He even hooked me up with a barf bucket and a wet cloth beside the bed which came in handy-though he chose one of my new rubbermaids. I remember vaguely thinking "NOoooooooOOOoo, not my new rubbermaid container!" but I couldn't muster a real protest. At around midnight hubby goes "Gee, I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting sick?" in a pathetic sort of voice.

I ADMIT...I am cruel and not as nice as my husband. I immediately rolled my eyes (though only in my head as it hurt too much to actually roll my eyes at that point and I also did not want to anger the caretaker), and thought of course, what a baby...he has to be sick too. I thought "he is not sick. Geesh! Suck it up Soldier!". Then somewhere in the middle of the night I was haunted by the monstrous sounds of sickness coming from the bathroom.

Baby boy still refuses to take a bottle. I fed him lying down in bed. We took turns laying on the couch while he laid on the floor. At one point I remember us lying belly-up on the bed staring at the ceiling, holding hands and admitting we were both feeling desperate. We don't have any family living nearby...no friends we could subject ourselves too, or our fussy kid...it was a very lonely and scary feeling. We'd always liked being away from family and taking care or each other, but this was different. I can't really even explain the depth of it...anyways, clearly we love each other (though I might be mean...I took care of hubby later!). Clearly we lived to tell the tale and our baby did too. Yay us. Boo stomach flu.

P.S. Above pic is from baby boy's early days which I thought à propos. For J-dog.

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