Monday, June 23, 2008

La la la la...

Life raft. Loogie. Lufthansa. Lard-ass.

These are some of the gems NOT included in The Barenaked Ladies song "La La La La Lemon" for kids. Its actually an awesomely catchy tune. I downloaded some new musak to listen to in the car with baby boy. He had grown really fond of my world beats drum was this CD made by this world music children's band that is local. They came and performed at a school I worked at during our Multicultural Day Assembly, and they were awesome! So I bought the CD to support them, threw it in the glovebox on my way home and forgot all about it. Until just last month when I was desperate for something other than the radio tuned to a random white noise AM station to calm crying baby in the backseat.

See we use a "sophisticated" white noise machine at home whenever baby boy sleeps in his crib. It works like a charm for a couple of reasons. First off-I call it "sophisticated" but, well, if you know me by now, I'm being sarcastic. Its an overpriced alarm clock with a few extra features. Ones I appreciate but still, waaaaaayyyyyyy overpriced. It definitely signals to him that it is "sleepy time" and it drowns out all the noise my husband and I make having our nightly hootenany out here in the living room. And by noise I mean talking. And by hootenany I mean internet searching and simultaneous reality TV watching. Baby boy's room is really the den in our squatty condo and opens off the living room, you see. Anyways, in the car I've resorted to tuning, or not tuning- as it were, to a non-station for the same effect in the car. But you try driving 40 minutes with a blizzardy, buzzing noise in your ear! And its worse when every now and again some person's voice squeaks in and out reminding me of that movie "Frequency" and some other weird/creepy M. Knight Shyamalan type stuff.

So I rummaged in the glove box and came up with this drum CD. He loves it. I love it. We shake our invisible maracas in the air at red lights! Ok...I do that. He just sleeps. But I needed a change of pace and thanks to iTunes I found "Just for Kids" a Canadian musicians' CD for kids. Love. It. Especially because Sarah Mc. does Kermit like nobody's business. Check it out and try not to sing along in a froggy voice. I triple dog dare you.

The Barenaked Ladies' original tune has them being silly and singing La la la followed by a "lovely" word that starts with "L". Last night it's all I could sing in my head. I found myself not counting sheep, but singing "L" words. Not as easy as it sounds. I started with "Luxury" and I fell asleep with somewhere around "lick me!" and "Lumpectomy!" and "Lubrication!". Hmmmm, some are not ones I'd sing with baby boy. But then tonight hubby and, we did not make use of that last "L" word (I'm sure I should post about that sometime though!)...we took turns coming up with "L" words over dinner while singing the tune. My, how times have changed. Dinner conversation used to be politics and current events! was more like "what did George Dubya say when..." and "You won't believe what Shitney Spears did today!" I admit. La-la-la is probably an upgrade.

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