Friday, June 27, 2008


The title should also stand for "Suddenly Infant is Doing Somersaults". This morning I was contemplating letting baby boy CIO when he woke at 5 am. Actually I did let him cry it out a little. Probably like...10 minutes? Hard to say since I was trying to sleep and only glanced at the clock with one squinty eye. But he was quiet, and then he'd let out a yelp. "HAHA!" I thought "he's trying out new ways to call out to me. Cute."

When I went in, resigned that if he sleeps 8 hours straight he will probably wake earlier, I first saw his little leg. IT WAS TRAPPED IN BETWEEN THE RUNGS! His chubby little thigh was stuck! He was trying to roll over and struggling to get his leg out the only ways he knew how: move more. So he was hurting his leg. I scooped him up suddenly wide awake and feeling soooo bad.

Yes, cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome have been reduced drastically since the "Back to Sleep" program was introduced (or so my public health division has told me-and I'm too lazy to look it up right now) and the American Academy of Pediatrics released the risk reducers for SIDS (no smoking by parents, breastfeeding, no soft bedding or lambskins, etc). But I'm putting the crib bumper pads in today. This is a case of knowing your baby and what works for you. If you think I'm going to be committing infanticide by doing so...please just keep it to yourself.

My son loves to move A LOT in his sleep. Often, I have to send my husband in because the baby has gotten himself into a position on his tummy where he is so close to the rails he can't put his head down. I keep hearing the "Thump". Poor guy. I think the bumpers will help him. I've already committed the mortal sin of giving him a little bear to sleep with (which he actually cuddles-so cute!) and a loose blanket. The blanket is crocheted and has holes-so I figure it would be dificult to suffocate? This is by the recommendation of my favorite "mommy book" author Stephanie Wilder.

Only problem: I made the crib skirt myself and have the fabric for the bumpers...where am I gonna find time today to sew them?

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