Thursday, July 31, 2008

WARNING: Loose blog posts ahead for 7000 km.

I would like to start by explaining my absence from blogging lately. I've been-GASP!-having fun. Summer is here, the weather has been fantastic. I've gotten a tan on my Casper the Friendly Ghost-esque body. I've been reading a book. Correction...a novel. Baby boy and I have been trying out all the baby swings in a 100 mile radius. Life is good.

So, basically, I have nothing to complain about posts. However, we have also been extremely busy with some odds and ends and that has left me bereft of creative energy as well as time. For one, we went searching frantically for daycare for baby boy. Mission accomplished. Whew.

But tomorrow we leave on a "vacation", which includes 10 days or so with my in-laws. Yeah, I'm stressed. The stress is bubbling underneath the surface just like the giant ZIT that appeared this morning. Yeah stress. I really wish I weren't so stressed, but I've not learned how to control it. Actually I'm glad. I'm at my most bitchy and controlling when I'm under pressure. The packing for a trip like this for me, my baby and my husband is done perfectly, exactly, and neatly just as I planned with detailed lists. The kitchen has been scoured. The bathroom cleaned too. I've nagged my husband at least 20 times so far this week to pull his weight, stop being so lazy and act like a man. So yeah-I'm on top of things. I am a control freak. I know that. My mother in law should just accept me for who am I as I do her. She's crazy, and I know it. Perhaps that knowledge, that acceptance will translate into a relaxed "vacation"...but on the flip side, if not (likely not), there will be many blog posts venting from my "vacation" station, 7000 km from home. Cheers!

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