Saturday, August 30, 2008

Post script

"No...he isn't too hot. Funny you find it extremely hot in here, because I don't. And after caring for him for the last 9 months I've discovered that he loses all of his heat through his head. Especially when he is sleeping. Hence the hat. He looks cozy to me. And happy. Actually I don;t have to explain myself to you. Trust me, lady...if he was hot-he'd take the damn hat off himself. You know what? I am sick to death of people talking in passive-aggressive, schmoopie voices through my baby. If you have something to say to me; some judgment to pass on my ability as his parent, then say it to me directly. Or else I might have to start giving you a spoonful of your own medicine. Hmmm here goes: Hiiii little widdle fat belly! How are you! Oh you are so precious-wecious! You are soooo big! What is your mama feeding you? Ohhhh too much disgusting fast food? Awwww. Tell your mama that candy bar in her hands is not good for you! No,, no it's not, is it baby-waby, tub-a-lard?"


Heavy Petal said...

You said it, girl. This is so spot-on. Why do people feel the need to do this?!? I think we should start answering for our babies: "I'm not too hot - perhaps you're experiencing a hot flash, you old bag?"

Stacy Kaye said...

Oh my! I get you on this one ALREADY! EVERY time we are at the in-laws and the babe makes a slight squeak I hear "Oh no, I don't have the right equipment to feed you...yeah, you're just hungry aren't you? Oh you just want to be fed!" when I have JUST fed him like 10 minutes before we arrived! SOOOO annoying! I have started to respond with, "He just ate, he doesn't need this equipment."