Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're baaaa-aack!

So we've returned from the abyss-aka: home visiting our parents. All in all I would say, in retrospect, it was the best trip we've had home in a long time. Oh, there were moments. But mostly the focus was on baby boy and how awesome-y awesome he is...and so things were tolerable, because I think that of him too. But I have to admit: I am exhausted. It's not the lack of sleep I get at night, though I'm sure that doesn't help. Its just how busy we are during the day and how grumpy my son can be and how demanding the little frigger is! Honestly...I'm living with a mini dictator. He has just started to show me a "Tantrum-face" I did not say "tantra". My baby is not blissed out zen style or having orgasms that last 12 hours. He is freaking out. When he is upset he puts his fists up and squints his little eys and screws up his lips and starts doing this shaking. Almost like a vibration. Or a mini volcano about to erupt. I usually end up giving him my keys, or my points card or whatever it is he wants. And the thing is...well, I keep telling myself I won't be THAT parent. That parent that gives in to the child every time they want something just to "shut them up". That parent that negotiates with the child, ie "Just 5 more minutes in the lineup and then we'll go to the park, okkkkaaaay?". That parent, namely my mom, irritates the shit out of me. I was a spoiled brat and I was hell for my mom and I knew it. But she created the monster :)

Now the other day I gave baby boy my cell phone-ooooH! His favorite! And went about pushing my cart serenely because of it at the grocery store. About 10 minutes later I was struck with the idea that too much spittle on my phone may make it not I grabbed it back and did a quick bait and switch to distract him. It worked! yaya! Not 2 minutes later I was holding him and saw his sort of chewing on something..."Hmmm did you throw up honey?" I'm asking him-you know, maybe he had a little bomit (a burp/vomit) and was enjoying the flavors of his last meal for a second time around. Been there, done that, don't look so disgusted! Except I glimpse a shot of silver being pushed around by his lightning quick tongue.

"What the heck-?" I quickly tried to dig my finger in there to do a finger sweep as I was trained in my baby choking class...but baby boy wanted whatever it was in there to stay in there and he clamped shut. Step two of baby choking training (even though he wasn't even choking at this point!) is too turn them over and slap them on the I improvised. I turned him over, and bounced him on my knees until he laughed and voilĂ ! The tip of the antennae of my cell phone pooped out and onto the floor. As soon as baby boy realized his beloved chewie thing was gone he began to throw a mini-tantrum. But-pat on the back here-I know when to draw the line at least! I didn't give back the baby-choking-hazard-death-trap-because-I'm-a-terrible-mom-and-let-him-chew-something-completely-unsafe piece of metal! YAY for me! I'm learning!

I will eventually remember the blocked memories from our trip home and certainly, no doubt have some precious gems and words of non-wisdom from my MIL to post. Until then!

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