Friday, September 26, 2008

Au naturel

I remember when baby boy was about a month old. I was still pumping every feed (old habits from the NICU die hard apparently-and no one told me I could stop!). I got out of the shower one morning and caught the first head-to-toe glimpse of myself in our closet mirror. And I screamed. When my husband came running and asking all worried "what's wrong?", I shouted at him:

"I look like a nudie picture in National Geographic!"

I was shocked. I never knew they could be so big. Or hang so low.

I spent the early breastfeeding days at home without a shirt; feeding, burping, feeding, scratching, feeding, eating, feeding, cleaning, feeding, pooping, feeding, peeing, feeding...(this is me and baby boy combined/in tandem, btw). I didn't wash. I swatted flies. I felt like I was finally in my natural nature had intended: woman with baby, breasts with milk. Hear me roar!

Now if only I could have gone to the mall without my shirt. But then I would have really felt like an exhibit at the zoo:)

The Parent Bloggers Network is teaming up with Generation Next, and their new product I know Animals, Letters & Sounds, to ask how having kids has made life more "zoo-y". Being a teacher makes me a sucker for dvd's that will keep baby boy's attention long enough for me to blog, whilst not sucking his brain power, pixel by I had to respond. What? I like prizes! And I could use some more time blogging, so I need these dvd's!

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Anonymous said...

WOW - thank you for that image - rooooar. I think a trip to the topless mall would have been rather interesting - it is never too late - lol.