Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy Bus Passenger-1, Mommy-0

So I haven't been riding the bus a lot lately. Its been a great summer=lots of walking=lots of outings where if I have been bussing its been with others and so I haven't been paying attention to my surroundings (just chatting with my pals, etc). But I had to take the bus yesterday on a rainy, yucky day to take baby boy to the doctor. Nothing is really wrong, except he is growing up and doesn't need me anymore ad so I needed reassurance. Ok it was maybe a little more than that, but that's the abridged version.

Anyway...waiting for the bus, which was late, an older, grandmotherly lady approaches and starts to coo at baby boy. She is overwhelmed by his cuteness. I think at one point she said "He should be in magasines!". Yes, I think so too! But I digress-Bus finally comes and the ramp lowers for a wheelchair. Wheelchair gets on and everyone waiting for the bus says "Oh you go next!" and "after you!" so on I roll with the stroller. Ms. Bitchy-I-hate-my-job-strollers-and possibly-people-Bus Driver gives me a partonizing lecture about how ONLY wheelchairs are to use the ramp. Now, I can appreciate someone who is having a bad day. I can understand when you hate the general public and want to tell all the idiots to fuck off. I really can. I've been there. Ms. Bitchy Bus Driver could be a woman after my own heart. But I was being paid a minimum wage of 5.25 an hour at the time. I hear the Bus drivers in these parts get upwards of 30/hour. Hmmmm.

As I profusely apologize to MBBD (as I will call her here on in) so she understands that I am not "one of those idiots" and that I simply did not know the rule. What with being on wheels and all I thought the stroller was entitled to roll on the ramp, you know, since it was already down and all. (duh!), other passengers are giving me the "wow..she's grumpy, don't mind her" look. Then all hell breaks loose. Some people get through the back door and MBBD growls loudly and calls them stupid. Passengers start to take sides. Nice, grandmotherly old lady gets into a verbally abusive fisticuffs with a younger lady and an older man. The once friendly smile turns into a snarl. Now when I look at her I think of a crazy person without her meds instead of someone I'd let coo at my baby.

Granmotherly old lady tells the yound lady to "Shut up!" The older man turns around and says "You're Stupid! You Shut-up!". Another mother finally turns around and says "Please! There are babies on this bus! Keep it down!" And then Grandmotherly old lady snickers, stares her down with her beady little eyes and spits in my direction "Oh SHUUUUUUT UP! They've probably heard worse coming out of your ugly mouth!!!!!!".


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