Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paint me green...

And call me "Dumbi". Apparently that's what people think I am. I just look like your regular idiot who I guess got knocked up by accident and obviously has no idea how to take care of the child. Well, yeah...I am...but that's not the point :) JOKING! I totally planned to get knocked up this time!

Today I was waiting at a crosswalk with some others. I saw the approaching car slow, made eye contact with the driver, and started to push baby boy's stroller into the street. At this moment the lady next to me (actually I'm going to make an assumption here and say "girl" next to me, instead. I'd guess she was 7 or 8 years younger than me) puts her hand out in front of me and yells "WAIT, WAIT!...ok we can go now." (Car has come to a complete stop).

I wasn't aware there were crosswalk-crossing guard vigilantes out there. I've got to say that I am one of those people who shake their heads at other parents when they do stupid things in traffic. Like let their two year-old cross the street running ahead of them (don't they realize that a a driver may not see someone who is all of 3 feet tall over the hood when they make a right!?!?!). SO, it only follows that I would try my best not to be a hypocrite and practice some safe pedestrian habits. I said try. I'm not perfect. But I do always make sure I know the car is going to stop before I hurtle my baby in a flimsy aluminum vehicle into traffic. I also make sure not to jaywalk, or cross between two cars. Especially considering the stroller is out in the street about 1 metre before I would be.

So who does this girl think she is? Please people...stop feeling like you have to protect my son from me! He's alive! Proving that any reckless behavior on my part hasn't been without some forethought into his wellbeing. What you should be doing is telling the little monster to be nice to me! He is 9 months old and already throwing tantrums. His eyes get squinty, his body stiffens and his little fists shake. He makes a crescendoing groan. Which peaks at a screech. He is "paint me green and call me baby hulk". Is anyone out there worried about me? On second thought, no. Be worried about him, cause if this keeps up...hmmmmm...play-time on the yellow line?

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