Sunday, September 21, 2008


A lot has changed since I became a mom. And not just the big stuff (like I am suddenly a patient, caring human being!), but some small stuff too.

I like yogurt now.

I used to get on twice-yearly kick with yogurt. I'd say "look, self, yogurt is good for you. You SHOULD eat it. Daily. " And I'd promptly buy a crate of 24 yogurts or whatever, decidedly so I would eat one a dayfor the next month or so and start living a healthier lifestyle just like that! VoilĂ ! and love every minute of it. I'd open the first yogurt on day one and retch. I hated yogurt. Who was I kidding.

Now I'm secretly hoping baby boy won't finish his "lil ones" yogurt so I can scarf the last few spoonfuls. I even convinced a mommy friend to buy them and at dinner with them I exclaimed "they're delicious! Try them!". My husband had to pick himself up off the floor. Me and yogurt=friends? Weird.

I also like olives now...and I used to plug my nose when I went by the antipasto-esque cart (olives and pickled peppers and tapinades and the like) at the grocery store.

Self? ...What have you done to former self?

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