Sunday, September 21, 2008

When we're lost...

Then we are lost together (Blue Rodeo).

So I'm on a bit of a roll here. When I started this blog I really just needed a space to vent so's my poor calm/understanding/genuine/nicer-than-me hubby wouldn't walk through the door every night to see my head spinning round on my neck and fireballs spewing from my mouth. Really new mommyhood was not playing nice with my anger management skills or my patience for that matter. Oh stop your yammering-my baby boy was fine! It was mostly strangers that I loathed and wanted to kill. Anyway, I've loved ranting and roaring and do it for the love. But I've discovered I can also do it for prizes!

The Parent Bloggers Network is partnering with Yoplait. They are holding a blogging contest and asked "Tell us what you rely on to get you through each day of motherhood. Which ones could you give up? Which ones couldn’t you live without?". I hmmmed, and haaaawed. You see, in the last 9 (almost 10-jeeeeeeesus!) months the thing I can't parent without has changed and changed and changed again.

In the beginning it was THE SWING. Not just any swing...the Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Swing. It lulled him into a coma going side to side...tiny bubbles and fishies floated above his head. The aquatic-y, nautical-y music droned out my daytime must watch tv while I did nothing but sit and let those stitches and my whole entire lower half heal.

Somewhere around the 3 months mark I would say the must haves were a carrier (since the damned lil guy never wanted to sit in the 600 dolla rolls royce we bought him!) and my ipod (to drown out his screaming when I was too damned tired to carry him, and left him in said rolls royce anyway). Of this time I had started blogging and wrote about the real must haves no other mommy tells you about here and here.

Later the exersaucer filled a void left by the swing, Sophie the giraffe filled a void in his mouth and coffee continued to fill the void in my stomach when there was no time for food, but a latte was a one handed gift I could give myself.

But all those things were transient in nature. Needs changed, baby grew. Now a bib with a catch-all pocket is a great thang! In all of this change though one thing has remained constant: My husband. And I can honestly say that I couldn't do this without him.

I mean...when I don't have an answer-he definitely doesn't have an answer. Rest assured I've searched (google) and researched (parentingblogs) and asked experts (family doctor/PHN/lactation consultant/other moms, etc, etc). He's just been waiting around for me to do all of that. And what better way to feel better about yourself than know you ain't the only ignorant idiot in your house? So thanks hubby, we are in this together. You are stuck with me. And the screaming banshee we call baby boy.

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