Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad mommy

I just spent 2 hours on the internet. In that time though I've done some things that could be considered helpful...I did upload new pics of baby boy for family far and away to see. C'mon, that was necessary. But now nap time is over and I'm yellin "NO!" at baby boy everytime he grabs my power cord...and engaging in a childish "touched you last"-esque fight with him. He grabs the screen, I move his arm. He grabs the screen, I move his arm. Why can't I just log off? PLEASE baby boy...just watch this cartoon. Those little blob-y, pastel, um- creatures? Are very funny! Look at them singing and, er, um-rolling? and I guess one could say dancing on their little blob-y bottoms! What the heck are these things supposed to be? How can I rely on educational television to baby sit my child in my absence when they would be teaching my son that blob-y creatures live in the forest and sing and dance nonsense words? Agh!

I suppose it's no beter than the Barbapapas, or the monchichis. Or the...well, I survived. And so will he. While I finish this blog. And then search for some brown boots on

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Anonymous said...

Little blobby creatures do live in the forest. I find if you encourage your son to play in the freezer it helps to entertain them for a few hours, then you can defrost them at bath time - this will free up lots of times to shop for boots, have a nap, get some blogging done etc. ;-)