Saturday, April 25, 2009

The customer is always right, unless...

She's a mom?

Unless she's a mom holding a whiny, gripey, moaning toddler.

Unless the shop owner, a baby/toddler shop owner I would like to point out, obviously thinks she needs to tell the customer how to take care of her own child. Because, you know, obviously the customer is struggling, stupid, too young (maybe, I'm stretching a little here), blind, deaf, incapable of dealing with or oblivious to the whining, griping and moaning.

I drove to a far away baby shop today to pick up one item which we really needed. I researched online and found the store that had it in stock, mapped my journey. It was an odd day to begin with...

We'd had a bad night. 8 teeth are carving their way through my baby's gums right now. He is not pleased. "Don't worry" I tell him, "they will make it easier for you will eat steak! Think of the bright side!" He doesn't really go for it. Instead he wakes up pulling at his swollen lips and bleeding gums with the little white pokey-things, oh, about 4 times last night. Yay! My nipples are also not looking on the bright side. Those little carvers are just aching to chomp. The teasing little scrapes they are giving me are killers.

So anyway, baby boy toddles around quite happily despite being up all night until about 8:30 am. Then he crashes hard, heavy lids doing the droop and boing! in his Dada's arms on the couch. So, even though its no where near his scheduled nap time, we change him, rock him, nurse him and put him into a somewhat blissful nap. Oh goodie. He wakes running a fever. We take care of him. We take him for a fresh air walk. We finally get him to snack on something. Soon its 2 pm, and he is crashing again...but this time he is pissed. "Whoa!" he says..."don't think you can put me for a nap now! This isn't my nap time, losers! No way! No how!"...and see, I really need to get this thing at the baby store.

I could have left him at home with his dad. His dad could have come along. But you know, it wasn't a perfect day and there were no perfect answers...and ultimately I admit, I wanted to have him with me. I knew he would nap in the car once we got going. And he did! Except he really fought it and it was quite fitful. Have you seen the price of gas these days? And the economy! Whew, the economy. I couldn't keep driving around...

The perfect parking spot was right there outside the door of the store I needed! Woohoo! I parked and waited for baby boy to wake on his own. You know, I would have sat there blissfully surfing the web on my phone (part of my moms' survival kit!) for hours. But, basically, once I cut the engine he started to scream. So, I figured what the heck, I could run into the store with him, grab what I needed, maybe he'd be distracted by some new faces and cheer up...maybe he would perk up. Or at the least we'd be on our merry way soon enough.

Once in the store he just got crankier. And didn't let up. It was a Saturday and not too busy surprisingly, but there were 3 salesladies on the floor. One older,white-hair, grandma-type who exuded "owner" vibes was tut-tutting amons the racks as baby boy let it be known he was not happy. While I tried to bend, and pick up some of the things I needed, compare, pick through a stack to find the size (all while balancing 25 lbs of limp, complaining weight) not one of them offered to help.

Finally, "owner" peeks her head around the corner (yes, I could sense the tension baby boy's voice was creating in the store) and doesn't look me in the eye. Instead she talks to him (oh how I LOVE this)

"Ohhhhhhh. Is somebuuudy tired? Oh yes. Does somebuuudy just need to go home? Ohhhh sombuuuudy has a wee cough! Oh you don't feel like being out, do you? No, mommy. I just want my bed...awwww"

I need to point out that even re-typing that has boiled my blood so much I had to punch Miguel the sock monkey from the toy bin, just to clear my aggression.

I'm sorry, do you want the sale? Isn't this a baby store, for fuck's sake? Aren't you supposed to offer me a glider-rocker, a cup of herbal-freaking-tea, a place to nurse in private...a baby change room? Let alone, you know, ask if you could help me find a size? How about looking me in the eye, yes me, the mom-you know, the person who was up all night with this kid? The person who does everything for him...YES I hear his moaning! Don't you think I would stop it if I could? And yes, I made a GRAVE error today taking him out. Yes, he is teething and not well. He has a horrible teething-related rash on his bum, too, if you want to know...I've switched to cloth diapers just this week to try and clear this up for good, not to mention rid his life of chemicals and plastics and prevent more toxic waste from going to the landfill and to SAVE THE PLANET FOR HIM AND HIS CHILDREN AND HIS FUTURE CHILDRENS CHILDREN!!!

But I need another freakin' diaper cover!!! I can't do it today without another diaper cover.

Do you think, "owner" lady, that you could look me in the eye and ask if you could help? And while you are at it, tell me something like "Your son is a little darling, whining or not. You must be such a good mom". Man, I'd have bought one of everything in the store.

Instead I bought two diaper covers...when I really wish I could have said "stuff it" and walked out. But you know, I'd driven all this way, and he was so upset. A lot of things brought me to that moment today. And I really did not need the passive-aggressive judgement. I have blogged about this method people who think they know better use...all talking "shmoopy" through the baby to really teach the mom a lesson.

No, he is not "all twired, and feewing sicky and needs to go home to his own beddy-weddy, mommy." (Yes, ok, he did. He did! But that's not the point.) Maybe your face scares him. Maybe, maybe he just hates that you are talking to his mom that way. Because we've both had a rough day and we are both trying our best.

Now, here's my credit card. How much do I owe you?


Stacy Kaye said...

I will tell you, "YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!!!!" So good that I come to you with all of my mommy woes and questions and comments and concerns and you always help me to walk away feeling like a better mom! I look at your son and hope, oh so very much hope, that my little boy will be as happy go lucky as your little man. That he will be as confident as your little man. That is because of you Momma! You are amazing!

Oh, I pray that some day when I am old and white haired I will remember how much I hated it when people talked to me through my little guy. I hope that I will not inflict that same torture upon young mothers of the future.

Sorry about your crappy day. That sucks. I hope that today is better!

djbeat said...

omg - the passive aggressive bitch! i think you should teach bb boy to spit on cue : )

& thanks for saving the planet supermom! we're lookin for the next stage cloth too - we have to talk.

Matt SW said...

You punched Miguel, you really are an evil bitch, what the hell did he do to you. You complain about how the "owner" treated you and then you punch poor defensless Miguel, you are no better that that "owner" lady, in fact you're worse.


he he he