Friday, April 9, 2010

Where, oh where, has my little blog gone?

Today whilst stopping to pick up a few things at the grocery store, after rushing from work to pick up my son, returning that DVD that is apparently going to send me into the "collections" department according to the chipper minimum-wager on the line the other night, all the while watching the clock, tick-tock, tick-tock (will I be able to get everything, get home and make it and feed my son before 10 pm?), my son did something, er...funny.

He is currently obsessed with muffins. Who wouldn't be of course, since they are technically just cupcakes in morning coats? He's no fool. He starts pointing to the muffins on the table in the bakery section. They are poppy seed. He claims they are choklit. say tomah-toe, I say tom-ay-toe. Thinking, as it is nearing 6, he must be HONGRAY, I slip the package open and hand him a perfect hunger staller: carbs. In the line up all I hear is "Mommy, more muffin. I want more muffin. Mommy, mommy? Mommy!? Mommy. MOOOOOMMY. MOOOOOOOMMY?!?!? Mom! Hey Mommy! I want more muffin." He's really good at the whining.

In the parking lot, buckling him into the carseat I finally give-in. Hey, its a beautiful sunny day and I'd love to listen to my easy-listening, slightly reggae tune "Girl I wanna lay you down"-which always makes me feel slightly teenager-y and free, sans interruption on the five minute drive home...instead of "Bumping up and down in my little red wagon" over. And Over. and OVER.

Two minutes into the drive at the red light I look back into his grinning, muffin stuffed face and we exchange giggles. Life is good. Three minutes in I look back and he's eaten most of the muffin and is now picking leftover bits from the paper. At four minutes, taking the turn onto our main street I feel like something is, well, off. Its quiet. Too quiet (as only moms can understand). I look back and there he is, chomping on something...muffin? Hmmmmm...where IS THE MUFFIN PAPER?

Me: "Um, mommy needs to pull over...what are you eating? (I look back at him hard in the eyes) Tell mommy what you are eating?"

Him: "Mmhfffummmmm"

Me: "Honey, tell mommy, where is the muffin paper? The MUFFIN PAPER, where is it?!? (I'm probably a little over the edge here and needn't be, right?

Him: (GULP, swallow) "In my belly!!!" (Triumphant grin)

Yup...he ate the whole muffin paper, in one mouthful. One gulp. What does this mean? What am I going to face his, gulp, diaper?

So where have I been and why haven't I been blogging? I don't know...I should be bloggin. There are plenty of fun things to report with a toddler in tow. But, uh, I'm too busy fielding whines, and questions, and cutting off near disasters or even, like today, dealing with the aftermath of disasters. Where has my blog been?

In the words of my son: "In my belly!"

I've been storing up the stories...the my center, my core. Close to my heart...the stories of my life with a son who's now two. I'll release them soon. And you can just flush, I promise I won't leave them in a nasty diaper for you ;)

Speaking of my belly: Its rather big. Its full of baby, not muffin papers!